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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ocga section 34-8-190(c)

Instructions and Help about Ocga section 34-8-190(c)

Working off the clock no that is a direct violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act though there's a whole bunch of laws inside of the Fair Labor Standards Act that protect workers from being deprived of wages for overtime and then off the clock hours the workweek is a 40-hour workweek sometimes the job requires working more than 40 hours and the company can require you to work those hours they just have to pay you for doing that there's no laws in this country apart from very young workers that protect against having to work long hours the laws we have protect how you have to be paid for those hours so if you are a restaurant worker say a server in a restaurant and your employer asks you to work seven days a week there's nothing inherently wrong with that except that the employer would have to compensate you for time that would be over the minimum hours if you are employed in any capacity then you have to be paid not only your time that you've worked but also time and a half for any hours over 40 and that's true whether you're an hourly employee or a salaried employee unless your duties as a salaried employee make you accept which are very very far at for you between if you're not really managing people and you really don't have let's say the power to hire and fire and you don't have a lot of independent discretion then it may be that you're owed overtime so it's one of the most misclassified areas of one of the areas where most people don't understand because people believe that if they're salaried they're not entitled to overtime but that's simply not true other types of overtime cases you'll see is a company that decides you know what I really don't want to play employment taxes I don't want to pave Medicare and FICA and futa so I'm just gonna call this person an independent contractor but there are multiple ways for you to find out whether or not you're entitled to overtime compensation one of those is by communicating with your employers HR to find out whether or not they classify you as an example non-exempt employee so overtime claims can reach back two years three years if it's willful so if it's longer than two or three years you may not be able to recapture that but if it's within that time frame we may still be able to help you and not only can I lawyer help you with getting the hours that you're at paid but you're also going to be entitled for the company to pay your attorneys fees to do that as well as an additional amount for compensation for that my job as an attorney is to know the law and apply it to help fight injustice --is that happen against my clients not everything that is unfair or unjust is.

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