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Georgia Separation Notice 2024 Form: What You Should Know

As of July 1, 2013, a separation notice is required upon termination of employees who have worked in a Georgia Workforce. This is no longer required, so employers may no longer provide such notices (that should be done, anyway).   Under Georgia law, “notice” can only mean one thing: A written notification that the employee is no longer employed by the employer. The letter must be sent to the address shown on the employee's record, unless the written notice states that a telephone or faxed or emailed copy can be sent to the employee. When an employee is terminated by your company, an employer is legally required under Georgia law to furnish any written notice to the employee within five (5) days, unless the employer can show that no notice of termination was provided (see Georgia Department of Labor, ).  If the employer cannot show that the notice was provided to the employee within the five-day period: 1. The employer is prohibited from rehiring the displaced employee for employment in the area where the employee was previously employed (this includes desirable employees); 2. The employer is prohibited from applying the payment received from the employee as severance pay, although the employee may request that the company send him or her his or her unused vacation account funds; 3. The employer's remaining vacation accrual rights (such as sick, vacation, and medical leave accrual) are revoked. In summary, the notice must be hand-delivered by the employer as to not be returned by the employee within five days of the date the employer does not have an alternative method to provide the notification. Note: If you are using a fax, this notice must be hand-delivered by the employer. If you are using a personal mailbox, keep the confirmation that the notice was successfully delivered, and return it to the local post office or mail it to the office of the local Georgia Department of Labor. For more information, see Georgia Department of Labor. To view the required notice to a Georgia Employer, go to Georgia Department of Labor,  I certify that the information appearing on this Web Page is true and correct to the best of my knowledge at the date and time of writing.

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Instructions and Help about Georgia Separation Notice 2024

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