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A truck for a foundation repair company cracked my windshield on the highway with flying debris. I took a picture of their truck w/ company name and license plate and contacted them, but now they refuse to pay for the damage. What can I do?
My wife and I were driving through a construction zone where they were demolishing a bridge. The trucks were loaded with chunks of concrete. They had the right lane closed for loading the trucks and for them to merge back into traffic. The closed lane was over 1/2 mile long and separated by a concrete barrier. I assume that was for the trucks to get up to speed.I was riding on the passenger side and told my wife to watch out, there was gravel falling out the bottom of the truck. I figured that some gravel was on the running gear of the truck and was falling off. Small stuff. About the time the concrete barrier ended, a rock the size of a softball came shooting out from under the truck and right toward us. It hit directly on the windshield to the far left and glanced off the side. If it had hit dead center, it might have completely taken out the windshield, but it hit closer to the frame. Windshield destroyed. We pulled up and got the truck's license number and name from the side of the truck. I called 911 and they patched me through to the Ohio Highway Patrol. I reported the information and that was it.Later that day a Trooper calls and says they went to the landfill where they trucks were dumping and examined the truck and it had a broken place in the floor of its dump bed. (can’t imagine the DOT fine for that) The Trooper said it was a pretty big hole and was glad that I called it in. Said that the truck had to have been spreading debris all over the highway for a while.I called the trucking company and they knew about the incident. They sounded like they didn’t want to talk to me. I told them I didn’t want anything except for a new windshield. They weren’t easy to deal with and made me buy the windshield and they reimbursed me for it. I thought they should have paid the glass shop directly.
Have you ever killed another human being?
Yes. I'm an Indian and this happened back in 2022 when I visited Muzaffarnagar ( A city in Uttar Pradesh) for a friend's sister's wedding.It was the night of reception, and celebrations were at it's peak. Almost people from 3 villages were attending the wedding and there was plenty of noise. Me, my friend ( bride's brother) and his friends were having alcohol, and like bachelor's enjoying in full swing. The villages in Uttar Pradesh are really sick. There's no electricity at all so there was this generator van which the bride's family had ordered for the wedding, which was responsible for half of the noise pollution in the event. DJ and music was the other half. So in these villages there's this thing called Tubewell where you can bath and swim ( they're big enough to fit 5–6 people) and since it was a hot summer night of June, we were bathing and drinking at the same time. This tubewell was located behind the wedding area from where the sugarcane fields started. So we were hardly visible and there was no light in the fields as well.It happened that I wanted to pee. So I got out of the tubewell and walked to the field to pee. Since 2 pegs of whiskey had already gone down my throat, I was a bit dizzy.While peeing , suddenly, I heard a noise 50 feet away of a scream and some movement in the bushes. I got conscious and skeptical. I stepped forward to see but my friend who were not more than 20ft away called me back. I told them that there was some movement in the field, my friends insisted that it would be some wild animal (since it's a common sight). But I insisted that what I heard was some child scream and we should go and check.My friends who were not in the mood of leaving their pegs tried to shoo me off but ultimately we decided that for once we should go and check.So me, along with my friend and his 2 friends started walking toward the fields with a thick bamboo stick which was in my hand and my friends.It was immensely dark, but as we kept moving, our retinas slowly started gaining vision and what we saw next shook us to the core of our souls.We saw a young girl ( aged 6–7 ) lying completely naked and unconscious on the field and we saw 2 dark figures running towards the other end of the field. We knew what had happened so we ran towards them and ultimately got hold of them after a short chase. One was a 25 yo something man and one was a 35 yo man dressed in a cop uniform.Both of them fell to our feet and started pleading for mercy. They started saying things like:Are Bhaiyya maaf kardo galti hogayi ( please forgive us we made a mistake)Humko thoda mann kar gaya ( we became a bit horny )Hum ko laga koi badi ladki hogi ( we thought she was a big girl )For the first time in my life had I seen an cop getting on his knees and pleading for mercy. My friends were discussing what to do with these two rapists.I looked at the little girls face. I felt like crying. She was so tiny and innocent looking. She was not even big to understand to what had happened with her. I was in a rage. And at the highest I had ever been in my life. I looked at the cop's face and started thinking what would happen now. Being that particular part of the country where law doesn't almost exist, will the girl ever get justice? Or even if she would, after how many years? Not before 10 years. The cop would definitely get bailed out. As corruption is in the DNA of the indian Judiciary systems. What would the cop do after getting bail? Harass the poor girls family? Or maybe even get them killed? Rape more children?All these thoughts started bombarding in my mind. And I don't know what got into me , I slammed the cop's head with the stick in my hand. No I did not stop there. I kept on slamming till I could see blood flowing around his head. He died on the spot. My friends went crazy - they snatched the stick from my hand and started shouting at me that I had killed a cop. The other rapist literally shitted in his pants as we could smell it. My friend ( bride's brother) told them ( his friends) to take care of the event and took me to his car. He drove me to the bus stand and boarded me in a bus going to Dehradun ( that's where I'm from ) which was a 3 hour journey. He told me to keep my mobile phone switched off till the time I don't reach my destination and contact me only after reaching Dehardun.The very next day I called him morning 10 am to ask what was the situation and what happened after I left. He said that they had to kill the other rapist as he was a witness and that they erased the evidences. Next day the villagers called the cops who took the bodies and the little girl to the hospital. They took her statement about what she saw and what happened. She told them that she was raped by both of them and she fell unconscious and doesn't know how they died.Few days later I read in a local news article how a cop lost his life trying to save a minor girl from being raped in the mids of night in Muzaffarnagar. Hence he died a hero.Call me a murderer but to date, I do not regret what I did. I did what a father or brother would do in such a situation.EDIT 1: The cop’s death would definitely spark outrage, but since the little girl was raped by him only it would spark more outrage. The investigation office couldn't do anything even if he wanted. It would backfire the police department. So they closed the case.
How do I fill out a 1120 tax report?
If you are not sophisticated with taxes, DON'T try this form. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble.  Get a good CPA or EA.  The time and effort it will take you to figure this thing out is not worth it. If you value your time at more than the minimum wage, you will save time and money by hiring a professional.
What's it like being raised by an African mother?
Being raised by an African mum, there is a pretty good chance you will never ever throw a tantrum in her presence, much less direct it at her. That just doesn't fly. It would very likely earn you a slap across the face - a hot one! Whatever your objections to a situation, you will very humbly state them (if at all) taking great care not to annoy her in the process.You do get whipped. I got whipped with canes, drumsticks and electric cables. I am not as forgiving about it as most people who were raised African. The whole thing drove me into depression at age 12, so my parents stopped it. I still struggle with the depression and self-doubt. So, my own child doesn't get any whipping from me. But, not to be a complete sissy, I regularly threaten it - with a look that leaves no doubt that I actually will follow through. Yes, school is everything. I almost always topped my class but I still got my school report cards scrutinised like they were damn Al-Qaeda cables in the hands of the CIA.  If unmarried, moving out is offensive to your mother. Yes, she is worried about all the unholy things you'll do when on your own but mostly she is offended that you don't deem her capable of taking care of you any more.Unless you intend to marry the boy in the next year or so, you don't introduce him to your mother (or father). Introduction in my culture is the equivalent of marriage. Once your mate has been introduced to your parents, you'd better stick with them for life. The introduction is as elaborate as your average wedding anyway. So, everybody you see from age 16 to marriage, you see clandestinely. Dates are probably short spates of time spent leaning against your father's fence with one of your hands in his, the other slapping mosquitoes. He doesn't ever set foot in your parents' compound and if your brothers see him standing at the fence before you do, they'll throw dirty dish water at him. Whatever happens, your mother should never ever know you have a boyfriend. If she does, that might be the first time you ever see her cry. Of course you do housework by hand from age 6. That includes dish washing, mopping the floors, laundry and if there is a patch of earth besides their house that can grow beans, digging too. You are told lots and lots of stories - tribal tales, Western Cinderella, family legends. Most likely all of them, including Cinderella, are told from memory not read from a book. You memorise them and tell them to your own children when the time comes. You see your grandparents for extended periods at least once a year. We have three school breaks of 3 - 6 weeks. Atleast one of those will be spent with your grandparents in the village.  Your mother is most commonly known by your name if you are her first born child. Ex. Mama Tom or Mama Lydia. You and your siblings may never know her given name until you have to fill out a form at the end of your primary school. No matter how few the syllables in your name are, your mother and subsequently the whole family calls you by a shortened version of it. Mine calls me Lyd. When you are a woman yourself and have children, she will forcefully move you from your home back into hers for at least two months. That or she moves in for the same period of time. Then she will cook you at least five meals a day and force feed them to you if she has to, because, giving birth is seeing into the grave itself. You must be taken care of. Then for the rest of the child's life, she'll consider herself a party in a shared custody arrangement.Oh, your parents, if they can even barely afford it, will pay for your first university degree. Treating this as anything but the default could very easily cost your father his marriage.You'll grow to be totally comfortable with your place on the food chain because by 11 or so, you are slaughtering the chicken your mother later calls dinner. If you are a boy, you'll probably have slaughtered a goat by 16. Slaughter = grab a life-form, with your own hands wring its neck to a very unnatural angle, separate head from the rest of the body using your mother's sharpest kitchen knife.  You know what's hard to find? An African who is also vegetarian.If there is a Tom and Jerry in your house, they come in 3D with red blood running their veins. And no games here: Tom catches Jerry. Period. You see, African mums don't play favoritism - not even with the house pet. If Tom neglects to clear the household of Jerry and all his cousins, he doesn't get otherwise fed and will soon find himself chased into the wild. So, your memories of watching Tom and Jerry may or maybe not be traumatic depending on whether or not you like some blood sputtering with your entertainment. To be on the safe side though, don't give a cat to a girl who was raised African.
Should Microsoft Office be included as a skill on your resume?
As a rule of thumb, listing accomplishments that demonstrate a skill is 1000X better than listing a skill. Whether it's a language, a computer program, or a website - show you can accomplish something of value.tl,drListing "skills" like Microsoft Office and Facebook will not tell the hiring manager much, especially since there are so many different versions of Office, that include different programs. If the job calls for advanced skills in specific programs, you should call out your abilities with those programs. Can you set up mail-merge templates in Word? Are you familiar with pivot tables and programming macros in Excel? Can you create a large, formula-filled spreadsheet, without touching the mouse? Can you set up a new database in Access? Do you know how to develop a template in PowerPoint that will apply to all new slides in a deck without formatting them individually? If you just list MS Office, you better be good at every program in Office - but if you are, you should list them separately along with your skill level.If you're applying for an entry-level, data entry type of position, it might be fine. Even there, your resume should demonstrate your Word ability (though most resumes don't), so listing Excel should be enough (and Access/PowerPoint if you actually know them). In general, if it's a real skill, you should have some accomplishments associated with them. For example, if you can list under your accomplishments something like, "set up a new reporting template in MS Excel, that automatically calculated current metrics, month over month comparisons, and forecasts for the fiscal year based on YTD values," that tells them you know how to use Excel for something like that, and that you can accomplish something for them, without wasting a line saying "I know how to use Excel", but not really showing if you can actually do anything with it other than enter numbers in cells. Note that no matter how good you are at Excel, there are many functions you've never even heard of (possibly including the ones they need). By including specific things you've learned you demonstrate that you're capable of learning new functions in Excel, which might be enough for them (and it can spare them testing you on the functions they need you to use).Facebook is a catch-22. For 99% of the jobs out there, your use of Facebook means you're wasting time on the job. For the other 1%, listing "Facebook" as a skill means you don't know how to "use" Facebook. Do you know how to set up brand pages? Do you know how to buy targeted advertising, and measure the effectiveness against internal goals? Do you have experience engaging prospective customers and turning them into clients? Do you have experience building better relationships with existing clients through Facebook? If they need Facebook skills, they need real skills beyond the fact that you have a profile. If you just have a profile, Facebook = you wasting time on the job.As a rule of thumb, listing accomplishments that demonstrate a skill is 1000X better than listing a skill. Whether it's a language, a computer program, or a website - show you can accomplish something of value.
Do banks treat you differently when you make large deposits?
I’m a professional poker player and won an event once for $286,000. So not an obscene amount of money, but more than your typical customer probably walks in and deposits in cash. Which, btw, if you ever come across a quarter million in cash, It’s probably not the brightest idea to just walk into your local bank branch, unannounced, and start handing them stacks of hundreds wrapped up in $10,000 bundles.This was also directly following the big 3 U.S. poker sites facing indictment and being shut down in the U.S. So claiming online gambling winnings was not a good idea given the climate.I entered the bank and approached an open teller’s window, unzipped my Columbia House duffle bag—which had been given to me as a free gift for being suckered into joining their movie club almost a decade before. As I started stacking the money I stacked 7 packs of $10,000 and opened one up as they were also denominated in stacks of $1000 and separated in the middle by a $5,000 band. I told the teller that I’d like to wire $75,000 to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino —I was headed to Vegas that weekend to play in some high stakes games which were running—and proceeded to pull out the necessary information to wire the money. I put the $5,000 on top and took the other $5000 and stuck it in my sport coat pocket so I’d have some walking around money for when I first arrived in Vegas, before I was able to get to the cage to collect my wire.I had lived in Vegas for a number of years, and it wasn’t unheard of for someone to win an amount like this and have it paid out in cash. Uncommon? A little. But certainly not unheard of. Except I wasn’t in Vegas, I was in a local branch in the suburbs of Kansas City. Where apparently a sub 30 year old doesn’t walk in very often with near $300,000 in cash bundled up in a old, blue, Columbia House duffel bag for a deposit.She instantly asked, “Where did you get all this money?” And then, “That’s a lot to send to a casino to gamble with.”To which I thought, “That’s none of your f**king business.”She must have been able to read the disdain on my face as she instantly excused herself and apologized. A couple minutes later when I had the cash all stacked up on the ledge of the teller window with the 75K off to the side and a slip filled out with the information for wiring the money to the Bellagio main cage, a man approached in a suit and tie and asked if I’d like a private room. I told him I didn’t really need one, that the money was all there, had already been counted, and was ready for deposit. I looked around now to notice several bank employees and customers staring at me but quickly looking away and going back to their business as they saw me looking around the bank.Apparently they don’t just take your word for it when you tell them how much it is, even when packaged up in nice, neat, 10K stacks and 50K bundles. The man in the suit and tie introduced himself as the branch manager and informed me that the money would have to be ran through the machine to be counted and to verify none of the bills were counterfeit. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind coming back to his office and waiting where they could discuss some deposit options with me and then offered me some coffee or something to drink as he motioned with his arms the direction to his office.He too asked me where I had gotten the money, and I was very careful not to mention anything about gambling or playing poker as I knew what an apprehensive issue it was in the financial industry at the time. The Wire Act didn’t prevent playing poker online, exactly, it prevented financial institutions from processing gambling transactions. And the Big Three poker sites in the U.S. hadn’t been shut down with their owners indicted for offering poker online, they had been shut down with the owners indicted for purchasing a bank in Utah where they processed the illegal transactions fraudulently under phony business names. So I told him I’d obtained it selling drugs with a smirk.He didn’t find it as funny as I did so I quickly told him I was kidding, then vaguely told him that I had gotten the money from a friend I had a business interest with, and if he checked my account history he would see that large wires and cash deposits like this weren’t extremely uncommon. He then asked me why I was wiring 75K to Bellagio, and I again smiled and told him it was none of their business and asked if they wanted to continue to do business together or not. He seemed a bit jolted by my standoffish attitude but also seemed to acknowledge that there wasn’t anything illegal about wiring the money to the Bellagio, in fact, Bank of America (a branch of which we currently resided), had a specific account to account transfer option that allowed money to be transferred internally, instantly between any BoA account holder and MGM property.After a brief bit of silence I broke up his dumbfounded look by saying, “look man, are you going to count the money and verify it or not. I’m kinda busy today.” He informed me that the money had been counted and was actually $900 dollars long of $281,000, which I’d put 5K in my pocket of the original $286,000 and to this day scratch my head wondering where/how that extra 900 found its way in there.He seemed to sense I was perplexed by the previous accounting error and said, “looks like you don’t need to go to Vegas, you’re getting lucky already.”I smiled and he informed me they would have to fill out all the necessary tax and legal compliance paperwork including a suspicious activity report (SAR) with FinCen.That was in 2022 and I’ve never heard anything from FinCen. Though I do pay my taxes as required by law and do claim professional gambler as my form of employment. I suspect they have a stack of SAR’s somewhere at FinCen on me that they’ve investigated a few times before as I’ve used some creative ways to repatriate gambling winnings over the years, everything from foreign bank accounts in Malta, to Bitcoins, to even using large bulk purchases of prepaid phone cards (don’t ask). For a period I was “randomly” selected to be searched at the airport EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I flew anywhere for anything. But that has since stopped, which I can only imagine I owe a “Thanks, Obama,” for having the Department of Homeland Security and the DOJ scrub those lists.
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