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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ga separation notice fillable

Instructions and Help about Ga separation notice fillable

To today's webinar the OBC fiscal year 2022 Travel Victim Services set-aside program phase two application webinar hi everybody this is Allison turtle on the deputy director of the federal international and tribal division at the office for victims of crime at the United States Department of Justice I'm going to begin the webinar today first of all let me welcome all of you if you are on this call then you are some not all I see by the numbers of our Phase two applicants congratulations on making it from phase 1 to phase 2 we're very excited about this program and about your moving forward and hope that these I everything that we're going to tell you about the materials will be the systems to you as you go through the process I'm going to do a quick overview of that OVC very quick one about the tribal set-aside program because you should all be familiar I'm then going to begin going over what is required for you in there your phase 2 application I before I get into great amount of detail I'm going to turn it over to my colleague Sean Smith from the O jp's office of audit assessment and management known as Oh a am and he's going to actually switch over into GMS back where you submitted your phase 1 applications where you will now continue your leader into phase 2 and he's going to run through and show you where to upload things and other items in there that you will need to submit and go through that with you he will then take some questions about his part of the presentation and then he'll turn it back over to me and I will go over some of the other pieces of the things that are necessary for you to do to complete your phase 2 application at the end of that then I will take other general questions that you might have for me and we'll also see the ones that Mary Jo just mentioned that you can be writing as we go forward sort of as a general overview on I one of the things that I will talk about before I can talk about OVC is just really a jip jip so folks know about the phase 1 process on you obviously all submitted your applications you made it through overall what we are there was a hundred and ninety five applications received by OBC all of those 178 have made it through to Phase two which is a very impressive number of applications the ones that we lost so to speak were mostly for as we had spoken about in the original webinars and then the materials then the solicitation things that we're missing required documentation I and a few of them a very few of them had wholly unfunded things that they requested and that's sort of what those applications look like for other folks here.

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